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Playpen - play yard Octagon 7.2m wood

The playpen play yard consists of a total of 8 panels, 1 of which is a door. Make an octagon, rectangle or square. With a complete setup, the playing surface is approximately 3m2

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Playpen - play yard Octagon 7.2m natural - bluecon

With 8 panels and a circumference of no less than 7.2 meters, it is unique in its kind.


The playpen ground box consists of a total of 8 panels, 1 of which is a door. The playpen ground box is made of sturdy pine wood and can be flexibly adapted to your space or insight. Make an octagon, rectangle or square. It is also possible to omit panels if desired. For example, you can also create a 4, 5, 6, or a 7-angled ground box. Thanks to the pressure mechanism, (dis) assembly is very easy. The special hinges with gears ensure that the ground box remains firmly in its position when your child pulls up on the bars to take his first steps. With a complete setup of 8 panels, the playing surface is approximately 3m2

The playpen of not only offers your child a lot of space, but also the necessary safety.

Safety: (EN12227 tested)

The playpen ground boxes are produced and tested according to strict EU standards. The bar spacing is 5.5 cm for the door and 6.5 cm for the other panels. Sharp edges are rounded to curves. The improved door element can be opened both inwards and outwards and is equipped with a child-safe lock so that it cannot be opened by the child himself.

The playpen can be used both indoors and outdoors, although outdoor use is not recommended during humid weather conditions (rain or snow).

Height approx : 68 cm
Width approx : 88 cm
Distance between bars : Door 5.5 cm / other 6.5 cm
Number of elements : 8 incl. Door element
Color : Natural
Material : Pine wood
Weight : 15 Kg
Delivery time : 4 - 6 working days
Warranty : 24 months
Recommended age : 0 - 24 months
Approved according to standard : EN12227:2010

Suitable for private use.
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